tents. parties. wonder.


We’re two moms who love to create + curate + style. We think childhood should be full of whimsy + wonder (and eating vegetables and learning too, of course)! And, we KNOW us parents need EASY…we’ve all got busy schedules, loads of activities, and never enough time.

SO, we made party planning and sleepover hosting EASY!….and full of whimsy + wonder. We crafted Denver based sprinkle + dot to be your ‘party-in-the-box’ solution for birthdays, sleepovers, and celebrations. When you book your party, we do all the work — you simply open your door and provide the space.

Colorado bred.

Style makers + design devotees.

Dog mommas.

Avid party planners (AND, party goers!)

Enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Wonder makers.

Hoping to bring a little whimsy + wonder to your doorstep soon!